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Hello and welcome! I never planned on becoming a wedding photographer, it happened by chance 7 seasons ago. I’m a wife, mother of two, lifelong artist, former model and business owner based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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I’ve noticed I tend to have two types of couples – either really laid back or the over-planners (you know who you are). I love to provide info for both types! I personally can research for hours, so the more info the better. If you’re like me, start clicking the links and read on. If not check out the highlight version below. I get it, you’re probably reading this at work right now – dreaming of your wedding. It’s cool.

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whatchu know bout me

+ I'm an artist, so I don't follow a rulebook. I create from the heart.
+ I don't want you to feel like you have to follow a rulebook. Throw it away!
+ I love style and beauty inspired images. All day everyday.
+ I'm a mom, so I have lots of patience, I bring snacks, and I drink lots of coffee.
+ I'm here to help! We've got this.
+ I need your trust to make real wedding magic.


My life has been anything but ordinary, from homeschooling to home birth, dirtbikes and our big bulldog named Boss. Our family lives outside the box!

I’ve been photographing weddings for 7 years now. It all started by chance after I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in fine arts. I know, what do you do with a degree in fine arts? Whoops.

I was lucky enough to combine my former experiences modeling with my artistic background to start photographing women and working with them to build confidence and self esteem.

I quickly realized I get such a rush of excitement helping people to feel good about themselves and possibly see themselves in a new light. I spent a few years working with models and students and stumbled upon weddings when a friend asked me to photograph their big day.

Every season I keep coming back for the anticipation and energy before a wedding. The intimate moments. And the love.

Weddings and I have a complicated love\hate thing going on. I love creating beautiful stories and meeting cool people, but you never know what you’re gonna get! It’s a wild ride.