I'm a wife, mama, artist, former model and business owner based in Ohio. My life has been anything but ordinary, from homeschooling to home birth, dirtbikes and our big bulldog named Boss. Our family lives outside the box!


Let’s be honest here- everyone has insecurites. I know this all too well, because I got started in this industry after modeling for 12 years. I learned what it’s like to be vulnerable in front of the camera, thus sparking my desire to help others overcome feelings of self doubt, and lack of confidence.

I get such a rush empowering women to feel beautiful, and connected to themselves. Not some supermodel retouched version of a dream, but an actual real person! My work is intimate, romantic, and beauty inspired. Expect to show a little skin, throw caution to the wind, and let your hair down.

I’m super sentimental and love chatting about weddings, relationships, dresses, kids, family, dogs, you name it. If you want to know more about our wedding, my family, how I got started modeling and how it went, why I got into photography, and what I’m into check out some of my blog posts for the scoop.

I want to talk about you though! What you like, ideas, and where you shop, eat, and play! Texting is an easy way to quickly get the ball rolling, but I’d love to grab coffee too.


My style combines editorial beauty with an artist's approach to natural light, details, and storytelling. My clients are looking for real life, not to be staged or too formal.

Most importantly, I like to manage expectations. With years of experience I've done a lot the hard way and have learned what works. Let me help navigate and prepare so that we can make things easy and focus on the fun.

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Don't see what you were looking for? I love planning projects and working together! Let me hear your thoughts and maybe we can make something work.

It's about trust, communication and connection,
the art is in letting things happen naturally.