Cincinnati Fall Family Portraits-11
Photography is a way for me to capture time. Think about where you are with your family at this moment and what you want to reflect (beyond just looks). How you feel about each other, the phase your kids are going through, your new house, or any important milestones. Maybe just for fun. I believe in letting kids be kids, by actually interacting naturally during a session. Keeping things calm without asking them to smile or forcing a pose. Its important for me to get to know your family. Lifestyle Sessions emphasize a documentary style and real life approach -meaning we will not focus on formal, standing posed portraits. I want to hang out, talk, joke, snuggle, or play a game.
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If you are interested in a portrait sitting, I specialize in mama sessions. Pull something from my client closet or I can help with styling tips for a fine art inspired session. These are shot indoors and focus on one look portraying your love for your littles.

Fall Family Portraits

November 12, 2017

Three weeks pregnant and counting I had to make time to fit in one of my fave families. It was pretty cold so we had to...

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Family Portrait in the Park

August 15, 2016

The family portrait. It’s something we are all familiar with, and most do not look forward to. Visions of kids...

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Holiday Portraits : Dirr Nurseries

December 11, 2015

Holiday portraits are such a fun way to share your childhood milestones. Yesterday we drove all the way out to Dirr...

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