For most, getting married is their first big photo experience. My hope is to help guide you through the process of choosing the best photographer for you. It’s really important that we vibe if we choose to work together.

My style for weddings combines documentary natural light photography with a love of fashion and beauty portraiture. Most importantly, we will work together to create real moments, not a staged wedding day.

Let’s do something different, because life is so boring if it all looks the same!

Planning is such a crucial part of a wedding day! Not strict timelines and cookie cutter shot lists, but the big stuff – like knowing that your earrings were made from Grandma’s pearls or that you couldn’t imagine your first look not happening down the aisle. Most importantly, making time for family and for you to relax and take a breath! We will create realistic expectations and I will help guide you through the process of planning beforehand to make your day fun, easy, and stress free.

Let's See If We Fit


When we work together I just ask for you to trust me. Yes, you’ve seen my photos but how do you really know I will have your best interest at heart? Well, it’s because I make it a point to be HONEST and upfront with you. The more we know about each other, the better your photos and experience will be. If something isn’t working I’ll tell you. I’m known for stopping a photo to smooth a stray hair, relocate to find better light, or tell you a pose isn’t working.


I’m an observer by nature. I prefer to sit back and watch and then react. This comes into play when I’m at a wedding. Every move is intentional. I try to become a fly on the wall, blending in with the crowd and becoming one of the guests. I get to know your family and friends, chit chatting, hanging out, and watching as events unfold. I’m not a fan of staging moments. The magic hides in the in-between.


Art doesn’t happen in a box. Art is messy. Art is unexpected. Art has feeling. And that is why I like to create a free flowing timeline. I like to leave room for you to improvise, enjoy those around you, and have fun. Leave a bit of breathing room. Less is more.

I've been an artist all my life. It's what I do. Back to the trust thing, you've just got to let go and we can create!


I'm not going to make you do cheesy poses...

If you are looking for a photographer to take posed portraits smiling at the camera, maybe in front of a bridge, we may not be the best fit.

I want to invest in creating works of art...

If you’re shopping for the cheapest deal you’re not going to value what I want to create for you. That’s totally fine but I want to be more than that.

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Break Tradition

OK, so what does it mean to do your own thing on your wedding day? How do you think outside the box? If you decide to do a first look it will be to hang out, not because we have to for photos. Want to eat pizza- just do it! Let's hang, spend time, have fun, and enjoy your day versus planning a bunch of staged activities around photos.