Pregnancy. A powerful, magical time for your body to create new life. If you are the one actually experiencing it you may often feel otherwise – the nausea, exhaustion that is so intense you can barely walk across the room, and your precious body morphing into something that you hope will go as planned. For me, I’m pregnant right now and the “glow” feels more like a bus ran over me. However, every time I look in the mirror at my growing belly or feel the baby I can’t describe the happiness. Its so crazy to feel that you can love a person that you have never met. It’s so important for me to document this process (even though I don’t really feel like getting anywhere in front of a camera!) Over the next few weeks I have a few sessions that I booked for myself to make sure I can share this journey. I’m doing one at 20 weeks, and two more closer to my due date. Yes, thats lots of maternity and I think its important to share because I’ve heard so many moms recently say “maternity is just not worth it,” “I feel terrible, why would I take photos of that,” etc, etc.

In the meantime, it is very important for me to start pulling images from the archives that have never been seen. For years I’ve focused on lots of intimate work but very rarely actually share it online. If you didn’t\dont know I actually shoot a lot of ¬†editorial maternity photography. Thank you so much to my clients that are willing to share their images with the world now, because I don’t want this kind of natural baby beauty to go hidden any longer. I absolutely LOVE this type of photography and need to start doing more of it and sharing it! If the photo above looks like your cup of tea-shoot me a message! Lets document your bump in all of its naked, beautiful glory. In my opinion clothes cover the bump soooo much and you can’t really appreciate it. Theres something so soft and special about a mama and her baby in the raw. natural. real.