If you’ve been to a Cincinnati Greek wedding you should know 3 things. There will be dancing, there will be family, and there will be lots of fun! Traditions are so important and so when I photograph a Greek wedding we spend time discussing all of the elements that will go into the day. I’m sure you’ve probably seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Although the movie is a comedy it also touches on many of the fun elements of the Greek culture. Check out the story below to get a glimpse into the over the top, loud, in your face, family fun.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel was absolutely beautiful and the perfect place to host a wedding with 400 guests! Their ballroom is huge and honestly it didn’t really feel crowded until everyone hit the dance floor. There’s nothing better than a dance party with people of all ages just enjoying the moment together.

We began the day at Essa’s parents home to celebrate and honor his family traditions. Everyone gathered all around. Then their ceremony took place at Holy Trinity-Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. After introductions at The Hyatt Sara + Essa were lifted by friends and family for their first dance! The day started and ended with laughter, hugs, and LOTS of singing and dancing! I loved that the bride and groom weren’t afraid to show off their personal style, rocking adidas sneakers (yes, even the bride with her dress). Thank you to everyone that celebrated this day and allowed me to be a part of such special cincinnati greek wedding

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cincinnati greek wedding