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couple in front fo cincinnati museum centercincinnati museum center engagement photos

Check out this Cincinnati Museum Center Engagement inspiration if you’re looking for a unique historic location for engagement photos to show your Cincinnati pride. The museum is inside Union Terminal, a historic Art Deco train station and National Historic Landmark. In other words, this place is historic and gorgeous with really cool art installations and exhibits. It also sits up higher than the city so there’s a really pretty city view that is often overlooked when couples are searching for cityscape photos. You can even go inside after your shoot and hang out, maybe watch the Omnimax (just saying, its fun). Downtown Cincinnati and OTR are also just minutes away so its really easy to go to a few locations. Pro tip- think about stopping for a drink or going to do a fun activity before your session to get in the mood and relax. Having fun together can really come across in your photos.

Personally, I enjoy choosing locations with meaning and capturing relaxed, documentary moments. With Jenna and Adam that’s always easy, because there two are hilarious. We recreated their first date at the Cincinnati Museum Center followed by a trip to Mt. Adams, the Rookwood, and more. Click here to see their colorful French Park wedding. Pay attention to choosing outfits for the weather and think about picking looks that are comfortable. Don’t feel like you have to dress up just because you’re hiring a photographer. I can’t stress enough how important feeling comfortable is. If you wear clothes you like your photos will come across more natural. Also, when you later print images and hang them around your house, don’t you want to look like yourself?