cincinnati wedding magazine featureEver wonder what it looks like when a wedding vendor gets married. Well, now you can find out. Check out the Cincinnati Wedding Magazine feature I shot for Robin Wood’s daughter. I loved the boho feel and all of the handmade creative elements Sadie designed.

She “took a nature-inspired approach to her wedding. “I really wanted plants and nature to look like they took over in a really beautiful way,” she says. Tucked into the rustic woodlands of the Cincinnati Nature Center, her decor emphasized loose greenery and local, seasonal flowers. Guest tables were identified by pictures of forest creatures (for example, the badger table, the opossum table, and the bat table) that Sadie had hand-painted in watercolor. Her bridesmaids wore various shades of green dresses with necklaces that represented different herbs.”

THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN ROBIN WOOD’S TWO DAUGHTERS GET MARRIED. Here’s the link. I’m always happy to see local features in Cincinnati Wedding Magazine. I love Cincinnati and especially enjoy seeing cool weddings locally. The opportunity to capture a place you see everyday in a new light is really exciting. Thanks so much Cincinnati Wedding Magazine! If you’re interested in how to get your wedding featured in a publication I’m happy to help with that too.