spring wedding bouquet

bride with veil in sunset

bride holding bouquet

bride in front of flowers OTR elopement

bride and groom holding hands OTR elopement

OTR elopement

An OTR elopement is the perfect way to show off your style and funky fashion inspiration without breaking the bank. Skip all of the extra planning and just do it already! An elopement is a great alternative for couples who aren’t into the huge wedding production. Sometimes life gets in the way and if you keep putting off the big day it just never happens. I personally wanted to elope, but my hubby always envisioned a formal wedding. I like the idea of having a private ceremony with just the two of you. And the fashion! When you elope it opens up so much freedom to wear whatever you want and spend on the things that you want for you. Think about it, if your budget was all spent on your dress, flowers, and photos what you could do. Make sure to check out the details from this wedding, the funky dress design (love) and colorful florals were so gorgeous! Check out my elopement pinterest board for some unique inspiration to add personal touches that add significance for you as a couple.

Since moving my studio to OTR I’ve had lots of opportunities to stay in the area to photograph portraits and weddings-which I love! I spotted a great new location and luckily was able to photograph this stylish and outgoing couple in this secret little spot. I really liked their colorful details and spunky attitude toward wedding photo locations- you don’t always have to shoot at a fancy hotel, ballroom, or mansion. It can also be really fun to find hidden treasures with beautiful architecture, light, and great photo ops around the city! Enjoy xoxo