Have you ever thought about putting your wedding dress back on for an anniversary session? If so I hope this winter anniversary session inspires you to fight the cold and try something new! I didn’t know Ash + Dustin when they got married, but we’ve become great friends over the years and spent many hours together playing with the camera. Funny story – I actually began working with them after they both secretly hired my to shoot anniversary boudoir sessions to gift one another. They are two free spirits who love working out, travel, and documenting life and love.

Perfectly falling snow (really the snowflakes were beautiful), a gorgeous couple, furs, dresses, and my camera. What more could a girl ask for? After the wedding portrait sessions are quite different from the wedding day for many reasons. You have unlimited time (sort of-the sun was setting for us), you can travel anywhere, the wedding gown is already dirty from dancing the night away at the reception, and you have the freedom to do whatever with your hair and makeup without worrying about family photos, what grandma will think, etc. I like to mix a bit of confidence, fashion, beauty, and intimate moments to create the best after the wedding portrait! Can’t get enough of Ashley’s Red dress!!

This was an impromptu shoot that we planned 5 minutes before rushing off to eden park. When the snow starts falling you have to get there quickly before it’s touched. Even though it was absolutely freezing these two didn’t let on. They are troopers for sure. For the most part I’ll stick to my summer sessions, but every so often its worth it to freeze a bit. Not sure what these two will talk me into next. Here are a few snaps from a trip to NYC with these two.

Winter Anniversary Session

Winter Anniversary Session Winter Anniversary Session





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Cincinnati Wedding Photography - Robin McKerrellWinter Anniversary Session