Last night was my third hot yoga class and I think its safe to say that I’m hooked. Never in a million years did I imagine doing hot yoga, because I’ve told myself all of my play it safe mantras : “I overheat easily,” “my wrists are too weak for yoga,” “hot yoga is sweaty, stinky, and gross.” The list goes on and on, but I accidentally showed up to a class with a good friend (thank goodness for Allison pushing me to go for it) and it was something new and different. Over the last few years I got into a pattern of doing the same things day in and day out that were not healthy for me: eating at Mcdonalds multiple times a day, never working out, and working too much without time for a mental break. I thought that if I booked my photography schedule with tons of clients, had a cool studio in OTR, and made extra cash that would be the perfect life.

However, as they say you can only keep that up for so long until you crack. Life isn’t all about work-even if you love it. You read about finding balance and living clean, but is it that easy to accomplish? Its been tough for me slowing down. I will admit there were days I was pacing around my house telling myself that it wasn’t ok to stop. My first step in the right direction was moving into our new home. It’s a mess and all of our belongings are in boxes, so growing into my new found house wife status I decided to take on our basement and closet and start unpacking. Something about working on your home for your family is very satisfying. I’ve never been the domestic type per say, but I’ve found myself doing more laundry and picking up around the house a lot more.

Part of my new routine is waking up and making a cup of detox tea to start my day (you are supposed to drink it 30 mins before a meal). I find that if I sip tea and wake up at my own pace I have a lot more energy and have less cravings. Since we decided not to get a microwave I’m forced to slow down, actually boil water, and enjoy the process.
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robin mckerrell photography - cincinnati lifestyle-3-2While I worked on making the tea my husband came downstairs, to run out of the house to get to work quickly. I was happy that I was able to slow the pace and stop him for a quick breakfast. I’m all about fast and easy when it comes to cooking. These greek yogurt cups have been one of my new healthy go-tos. Start with a Fage greek yogurt cup (plain 0%-you can pick these up at Kroger), stir, and then add your favorite toppings. Really easy. For these I used a bit of cinnamon, honey, Almond Butter, and the last bit of fruit that I had (ripe bananas, raspberries, and blueberries), and some healthy granola with flax and chia seeds. I don’t like to waste food and I had a small amount of fruit left so I also infused some water for me to sip while working. This is a great way to use every last berry. robin mckerrell photography - cincinnati lifestyle-8

robin mckerrell photography - cincinnati lifestyle-12After my tea I’ve been doing a soup detox this week that I’m obsessed with. I love soup and pretty much eat it everyday anyway so when I found this receipe I was ecstatic. My system has been out of whack for some time since I was only eating fast food (I know its terrible and embarrassing) so I’ve been looking for as many ways to detox as possible. I found the “best chicken detox soup” on Pinterest (which I also love you should check out my healthy diet board…and many others). I added brown basmati rice to mine too. As a disclaimer I am taking photos of the actual food I am making\eating and as I am working to become a better chef\work on my presentation things may not look perfect because the point of this is not to spend hours shopping for new dishes, lighting the food, and moving around microscopic bits to make the perfect image 🙂 If you are interested heres a link : Best Chicken Detox Soup.