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This smoothie is AMAZING!! I’ve been doing really well on my health kick, but found myself craving chocolate and wanting to cheat this week. I found the solution just in time. Here are a few different variations just playing around to see what I could get my husband into (he’s not a big fan of smoothies…..yet). Check out the recipe here from My Darling Vegan. I added cacao nibs which give you an added crunch. Also tried layering chia, greek yogurt, and granola. I’m sure some of you are asking what does this all have to do with photography\weddings\your blog?? Well, for me photography is so much more than just booking a shoot, showing up, and snapping a few photos. Its about creativity, connection, and understanding people\life. My recent health journey is helping me to pay attention to the things around me and within to look a bit deeper, find more meaning, and reconnect.