Hello! Its been quite a while since I’ve posted, as I’ve had many new things brewing. You may or may not know I got married in October 2016 and we spent the last year renovating an old house from the 1800’s (and moved into it). My husband also opened a new bar in OTR, closed a restaurant, and has another new spot in the works. I photographed waaaay too many weddings leading up to mine and spent some time catching up mentally, physically, and emotionally. Last year was intense for me to say the least and I learned a lot. One of the most important lessons was to take time for yourself. As a new wife I’ve pondered ways to make our family better, and build a loving home. I decided that it would be important for me to find things that I loved again so I could recharge. I am a firm believer that if you ask for it you will manifest it. I told my husband that I needed a hobby. Not art, not work, something fun (again something that wasn’t work. Not easy for me). Literally within a few days I got the call.

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I was asked to be apart of a wonderful organization, Dancing for the Stars 2017. It’s a Benefit for Cincinnati Arts Association’s Overture Awards and Arts Education Programs to provide scholarships for the arts. Since I was once one of those young minds looking for art scholarships I was thrilled to get involved and honored to be considered! One of my dear friends participated in the event and said that it was life changing and highly recommended that I take part. Little did I know that this would begin to take over many different aspects of my life and start to create the change I was hoping for. So far I’ve been to a handful of practices with my new coach Alyenendrov Tsorokean, founder of Phoenix Rising Ballroom. I had no idea how difficult and physically demanding dance can be and quickly realized I am really out of shape! I immediately started eating a clean diet to help shed a few extra pounds which are not helpful if you are being lifted in the air or wearing sexy dance costumes 😉 I also started hot yoga to help with my flexibility and vary my workouts. I have 2 months to get in shape and learn to dance….ahhhhh. If you are interested in my performance, helping kids get art scholarships, or just want to come drink, dance and have a good time I would highly recommend attending the 2017 Dancing for the Stars event. I promise it will be entertaining. For tickets please click here and make sure you purchase under my name. Hope to see you there!!

My plan is to start documenting this journey here, through photos. The kind of photos I want to take. My hope is that this will inspire my future clients to seek me out for what I do because I will be much more selective this year as I take on clients. As my style evolves for this new season so will my client base-I want like minded, style conscious, art inspired, creatives. If you don’t LOVE me, don’t book me. I want every client experience to be special, unique, and add something to both of our lives. Why do it if you don’t love it.