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"There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation." Pregnancy for me changed the way I look at the world-if you've been there you know what I mean. It's like I stepped into a new body, mind, and soul. Pregnancy embodies strength, passion, beauty and love. When I photograph mamas I want to celebrate all of those things! Things that used to seem so important start to fade away as you focus on your family. Taking time out of your day for photos shouldn't seem like work or feel stressful. I want to capture the perfection of your bump, whatever that may look like for you. I get it, motherhood can feel hectic, but have a little faith in the process and let me find the magic. I promise its there and it won't be hard to find even with a messy house, tired baby, or sore mama. Its always where you least expect.
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My approach to photographing bumps + babes is natural and intimate. Time and care are taken for snuggling, nursing, and relaxing together. Nothing is forced, just you and your baby. The process of creating new life is so naturally beautiful - so I keep it simple. With over 12 years of modeling experience and my own pregnancy under my belt I can help guide you through posing with your new figure. It's easier than you think!
Being a mom changed what I liked about newborn photography. I didn't just want to see the perfect sleeping baby images, I also wanted the silly faces, the clothes that would become too small so soon, the messy room, the dog, my husband, our relationship as a family, and our life. I don't put babies in baskets, because I prefer them in mamas arms. I also love nursing shots, baby bath time, details in the nursery, and special portraits with mom.

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Editorial Motherhood

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January 16, 2018

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