Here’s my view of the old Millionaire’s Row. We purchased our first home on this street and spent two years renovating it. These images were taken in my neighbors gorgeous backyard and a few in front and behind our home. This historic street has been lost for years, and is slowly making a comeback. As new homeowners are able to purchase these homes and rebuild the houses come back to life. Unfortunately due to lack of care and many abandoned buildings many of the homes have already fallen down. We are so happy to have helped sustain one of these massive beauties. I will never forget our time spent there and the birth of our daughter (that happened on the steps). If you get a chance to venture down this street I highly recommend it. See if you can spot our old house – its dark grey with copper accents, a gas lantern up above, and an old iron gate. Here’s a video of my hubby from one of the Dayton Street home tours. While living there we were able to help educate people living in Cincinnati on the history of the area and the homes. It was so special.dayton street hidden garden

historic dayton street kitchen

dayton street details

the lost Millionaire's Row

sunset on Millionaire's Row