At 9 months pregnant my husband and I decided to pack up and head to NYC for a photography trip. I planned to attend a photo workshop to learn from some of my faves. Our wedding photographer Danelle Bohane was there along with India Earl, Lauren Scotti, and many more. I had to sit on a doughnut because I was SO pregnant but it was worth it. I wondered what all of the young aspiring photogs thought, because I was definitely one of the older participants. I wish I would have known about things like that when I was younger. I’m not sure if they even existed back then. Either way it was well worth it and I will always remember our two weeks pre-baby trip. I learned new tricks in my editing, but most importantly I learned to believe in myself. I realized that nobody has it figured out no matter how many followers they have on instagram. Even if they have photographed celebrities or won the best of the best contests, they are still learning too! That was so great to hear!

This was such an amazing get away to give us time to reconnect before the baby and to help me get inspired for this coming season. I couldn’t have planned for the spark that was ignited in me. Check out some of our snaps from Rhode Island, the city, and hanging with friends.
9 months pregnant rhode island

Rhode Island destination photo trip

Photography Trip

Rhode Island view

Photography Trip

Photography Trip

brooklyn ny photo trip

brooklyn ny couple

NYC + Rhode Island