21C wedding details

When planning for photography there’s a lot more to it than just choosing a photographer. Don’t freak out – I’m here to help. I’ve complied all of the information I’ve learned over the years into a complete guide to share with you! Read on.

outdoor wedding in cincinnati Planning for photography


What you'll find in my custom planning guide

+ How to think like a photographer
+ What to expect
+ My top timeline choices
+ How to simplify your portraits
+ Types of bridal party images
+ Tips on lighting and setup
+ My favorite local vendors
+ How to get your wedding published
+Bonus timeline template to get started!

Now you can schedule a planning session with me too* I now offer consultations.

+ Discuss every detail of your wedding
+ Ease tension and simplify
+ Create realistic expectations
+ Familiarize me with important people
+ Learn about authentic storytelling
+ I'll create your custom timeline
+ Planning advice and tips
+ Get to know each other
+ Take out ALL of the guesswork
+ Coffee on me!

My wedding planning philosophy has evolved along with my style. I’ve learned to trust my intuition more and structure less. Focus is on intention, with less of a rigorous timeline. I love to leave breathing room for connection and moments to evolve naturally on their own. Take as much or as little time as you need reading the articles below to understand how I see things.

Paired with my custom photo guide I’ll have you thinking like a photographer in no time! I’m happy to help you optimize your photo experience with a private consultation.  It’s possible for your day to flow seamlessly and for you to feel stress free – living in the moment. If you’re ready to find out more check out my pricing page. Good luck planning for photography! You’ve got this!