Think like a photographer

Over the years my wedding planning philosophy has evolved along with my style. I started out with very strict timelines, because I thought that’s what everyone was doing. As time went on I began trusting my intuition more and more. My current work involves lots of thought and preparation, but less of a rigorous timeline. I love to leave breathing room for connection, for moments to evolve naturally on their own. I’ve started writing to share my thoughts and experiences with you.

Take as much or as little time as you need reading the articles below to learn more about my thought process. I hope these tips will help you to think like a photographer. When you book with me all of my collections include a special custom guide, by me to help you optimize your photo experience. Ask me about planning consultations too! I’m happy to help guide you in your planning and during the day of your wedding. It is possible for your day to flow seamlessly and for you to feel stress free – living in the moment.