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You’re engaged. Congrats! And you’ve decided to be wed in Cincinnati, Ohio. Thats awesome! I’m guessing you’ve at least narrowed down your venue and maybe a few other vendors. And I’m sure you’ve started imagining your day. What it will look and feel like, who will be there, and how you want to remember your story. That’s great, and I truly believe how you decide to document your day is the most important decision you will make.

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However, its not just about hiring the perfect photographer. It’s about planning for your photos – IRL (in real life). Not just scrolling through insta finding inspo and pinning images (even though I do both too – here’s a link to my Pinterest if you want to get lost for a while). It’s not just about interviewing photographers, but if you need help there I have an article for that too.

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When it comes to planning for your Cincinnati wedding photography there are specific elements unique to this area to keep in mind. We won’t have epic mountains as our backdrop, and the weather may not be perfect – so let’s pinpoint what you should look for and how to make the most of your photo experience! Let’s get you thinking like a Cincinnati wedding photographer.

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What you should know about having your wedding in Cincinnati-

There are a few common Cincinnati wedding venue types including: parks, city, farm, historic, and backyard. They each present their own unique challenges, but if you focus on my tips below you will learn to navigate any Cincinnati venue.

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In my experience The most popular months for a Cincinnati wedding are June-September – and its hot and humid! In Cincinnati the weather can change in a second and you never know what you’re going to get. I’ve been asked to make the judgement call to move the ceremony inside at many a wedding due to cloudy sky’s or nasty radar. It rains a lot in the spring/fall and in the summer the bugs and heat can really get you.

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Here are my tips for planning your Cincinnati Wedding Photography:

  1. Sun – find out when the sun will set and plan your day accordingly. Even if your entire event is inside most likely you’ll want to venture out for your portraits, bridal party, and even family photos. Keep in mind fall\winter wedding timelines look completely different because the sun sets early.
  2. Season – plan around the temperature! I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve photographed in July where we had to go take a break to escape the heat as the bride just melted away. It’s even worse when its so hot that you don’t want to kiss your partner in fear that your makeup will wipe off. I often just plan on waiting until later in the day for portraits, when the sun sets.
  3. Backup plan – what will you do if it rains? Do you have a plan just in case your outdoor ceremony space won’t work – like its too sunny or moles burrowed under the ground and dug up all of the grass (yes, I’ve seen this happen!)
  4. Consider the venue type – figure out how to work with your venue type, not against it. For example if you decide on a farm wedding, keep it casual instead of going the  black tie route. If you choose the city, think about stopping at a bar or cool restaurant to grab a drink and snap your party photos. Utilize what the venue has to offer instead of trying to change it!
  5. Book your venue – depending upon the type of wedding you choose, make sure to book it far in advance. If you’re thinking about a park start right away! It’s competitive. If you’re on a budget consider an early spring or winter wedding, because venues often offer seasonal rates.
  6. Photography style – It’s not just about what the photos look like these days. Now with digital cameras, editing presets, and other ways to progress quickly you have to make sure you’re hiring an experienced pro. Ask to see an entire wedding. Ask how long your photographer has been in business. Ask if they back up and archive their work. Find out if they like to help with planning or if they just sit back and watch.

Here are a few examples of unique Cincinnati venues : BACKYARD – CITYFARM