Did you know the time between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day is the most popular time to get engaged? We’re right smack in the middle of it and I’ve been getting lots of inquiries from potential couples asking all kinds of questions. I wanted to put together a list of things to consider when searching the web for photographers and what to do when you find a few potential pros you’d like to contact. Here are my top 3 things to consider when you choose a wedding photographer in Cincinnati.

how to choose a photographer


This is probably my favorite and one of the most important things to consider. There are a million different ways to shoot a wedding as I’m sure you can imagine. You will probably notice lots of call words floating around on the internet. Here are a few popular shooting styles I found on The Knot – Classic, Artistic, Lifestyle, Dramatic, and Documentary. It can be really difficult to sort through, as a bride told me today “it all just starts to look the same.” I highly recommend browsing blog posts and going with your gut. Don’t take a lot of time reading and over-analyzing images. Just find a photographer who’s work stands out to you, then take the time to dig a little deeper. See if you begin to see patterns in the work you like. Maybe you are drawn to natural light and un-posed images. Do you like moody fashion inspired work or something lighter and fun? Are you all about black and white? Do you like something more formal and traditional or do you play by your own rules? Start making a list of the things you like and keep this for future reference when chatting with photographers.

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Ok, you’ve found the style of work that you love. Now let’s make sure you and your new dream photographer click. Throughout the day your photographer will be following you around like a third wheel as your day unfolds. This can be really great like having an extra friend there helping you or it can be awkward and annoying. I’ve heard many stories over the years about weddings being ruined when the couple or their families just didn’t like their photographer. I’m always so honored when I receive kind words from brides about my ability to blend in with their families and become part of the crew! Here’s an except from a review I received this season from one of my lovely brides- “Where to begin!!! Robin is incredibly talented…I can genuinely say having Robin behind the scenes put me at ease and felt like having another friend with me at my wedding even though we had just met! Her work is breath taking and her eye is uniquely her own… she never makes you feel cheesy or awkward! She made me feel empowered and beautiful. I highly recommend Robin as a photographer, you can be sure she will capture your authentic self and the essence of your important event or relationship <3.” It is possible to be friends with your photographer and have a great time hanging out!


In the wedding industry there are so many factors that play into a photographers experience. Do they own professional gear? Do they understand how to protect your images and back up your photos so they aren’t lost accidentally? Are they confident enough to speak out if things aren’t going as planned? Can they handle the pressure of a long, tiring wedding work day? This is a hard one to navigate, because you can’t ever really tell how someone will respond in the moment. Again, I recommend looking through their work to make sure there is a level of professionalism. Make sure to ask to see their portfolio and confirm who took the photos. Often times larger companies or teams share a portfolio so it’s important to know who took your favorite images. After speaking with a few pros you should get a feel for the companies offering advice, guidance and examples.

Now that you have a feel for what to look for on the web and over there phone make sure to check out my post on interviewing photographers. I hope this article on how to choose your wedding photographer helped!