Cincinnati Wedding Stories

Photographer is just another name for storyteller. Please, feel free to follow along with me as I share my Cincinnati wedding stories sprinkled with a few trips and wedding planning tips too. I love reading, writing, always learning and creating. However, it all seems for not if its not shared with others!

This journal is my way of recounting my experiences over the years and sharing them with you, so you can learn form them. What worked, what I’d recommend re-thinking, and the best tips and tricks for planning your perfect wedding (whatever that might look and feel like for you). Weddings have always held my interest, because there’s always a surprise. You can’t fully plan every detail of an event and I love the rush and excitement of that! Scroll to the bottom of the page to sort and search.


Looking for something specific? You’ll notice blog post categories above. If you  still can’t find it, try navigating to my FAQ’s page for answers to commonly asked questions. I’m always more than happy to help fill you in on my process and explain everything in full detail.