Cincinnati Eden Park Engagement Photography

I had a blast hanging with Sara and Andre for their Cincinnati Eden Park engagement photography session-learning about how they met, started dating, and their future. I like engagement sessions because its a chance for me to get to know each couple. Every session is completely different-even in the same location (Eden Park is a favorite I’ve photographed many times).

You can learn a lot about people and how they enjoy spending their time just by looking through the lens. Throughout their session Sara snd Andre were always laughing, smiling, having fun with each other, telling stories, and fondly talking about their lives, work, and family. It was so fun when they surprised me with their matching love tattoos. Enjoy!

Cincinnati Eden Park Engagement Photography

Whenever I have the chance to work in a bit of city and a bit of country (nature) I try! Mixing the natural elements with industrial, handmade, and architectural elements always catches my eye. I also love looking at a photo and thinking-where is that? I’m sure if you are from Cincinnati you recognize the wall below, but its fun trying to photograph common places in a new way. Creating a sense of drama through lighting, etherial moments, and romantic imagery is what I live for. I want my brides to look back at their photos and see their love-not my poses. As I move forward this year you will start to see my documentary side taking hold.Cincinnati Eden Park Engagement Photography

Cincinnati Eden Park Engagement Photography

No matter how many engagement sessions I photograph grooming is always a big part of the session. I love photographing couples taking care of each other, helping to dress, fix their hair, or offer encouragement when they aren’t feeling up to the photo process. Andre was such a good sport about their session (cracking jokes and tending to Sara).Cincinnati Eden Park Engagement Photography

Can’t get over these matching love  tattoos. Very cool!

Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity to get to know me, my working style, and find out that engagements are not as bad as you think! It doesn’t have to be cheesy (I prefer that its not). For more info about my work please visit my website: If you have questions about rates and availability please give me a call and we can chat about your day and what you are looking for. Let me know if you are interested in hosting your own Cincinnati Eden Park Engagement Photography session.